Internet Panhandler

Introducing the Fukushima Taliban.

Do not give these people any money!

These are opinions based on my observations of the people I have listed below.
Allegations have not been proven in a court of law.
Videos by Fukushima Fraudsters

Dana Durnford.

Grand Ayatollah of Fukushima doom.

Website is called The Nuclear Proctologist
Just the photo on the landing page and what is written on it makes me think
someone needs a proctologist to find a brain.
He is intolerant to any comments on his videos that do not fit his narrative.

He will call for the death of infidels!

Dana Durford made a video back in 2014 claiming that the Pacfic West Coast of North America was "Devoid of life"
due to radioactive discharge from the damaged Fukushima daiichi nuclear plant in Japan.
His video went viral and people believe his outlandish claims.
Claims made in his orginal video were no insects and no sea weed and few birds.
Also claims that there are 5500 species missing from the west coast without listing any of them by name.
I highly recommend this website simply known as Victoria Diving.
The site contains hundreds of images which should be plenty of evidence to question Durnford's claims.
Images were taken in numerous locations around the Juan de Fuca Strait and the Georgia strait of British Columbia Canada.
Images taken before and after 2011. 2011 being the year the Fukushima plant was damaged.

Kevin Blanch

Head Mullah

This video clip is pretty much what you can expect when you go to any one of his videos.
I have no idea why anyone would give this guy any money when most of his dialogue is ramblings of a madman.
He must believe waving his arms like a lunatic and telling lies while yelling and using heavy profanity makes what he says true.

Geoff Palko.


Victim of the Fukushima Taliban.
Was excommunicated when he finally realised that high priest of doom were not telling the truth.
He gave money to Kevin Blanch and bought a Zodiac (Boat) for Dana Durnford
so Dana could take photos of bare rocks and lie to the world and say the coastline is dead.
The money he gave to Kevin Blanch was supposed to go to a investment fund..
The fund was never created and the money disappeared.
It is said that Geoff Palko was on disability from work and on heavy pain killers
when he gave thousands of dollars (allegedly) to Kevin Blanch and Dana Durnford.
Recommended reading on this circus is on a forum, the thread is old but has solid information on this subject, in my opinion.
Kevin Blanch 'No Regrets Fund Details...(lack of Details)
More recent thread: Fukushima FRAUDS Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch **BUSTED**

AAKHUND of Fukushima.
Every story they put out has reference to Fukushima and spread misinformation and lies.

The Health Ranger.
Mike Adams.
Video By Mike Adams.
His website is called Natural News.
He regurgitates articles from ENE News.
I think he is more interested in selling his snake oil
than anyone's well being.
He is also known for deleting comments on his website that question the validity of any information he reports.

Jeff Rense.
Video by Jeff Rense.
His website is
His website is such a mess it makes this page look it it was coded by a pro.
Long time conspiracy radio host.
Better known for UFOs and extraterrestrials.
Rense has had Dana Durnford on his show a number of times.
Rense will jump on anything for ratings and has no problem
spreading misinformation nor does he fact check from what I've seen.
I would not trust one thing this guy says.

Alex Jones
Putting the fear of Fukushima into your mind.
known for his website
This video is from Jan 2014, Jones jumped on the Fukushima bandwagon right away.
I guess his survival shield will save us all.
In this video Jones used the usual talking points and implies that seals dying and starfish melting is linked to Fukushima.
Those talking points have been proven to be false
but like any radicals in a cult like this the truth is not important
as long as you can get a large number of jihadists to follow you and buy your suvival shield.
Starfish wasting disease is nothing new for the west coast.
Further reading from 2013: More Fukushima Scaremongering Debunked
Another from 2009:
Effects of temperature, season and locality on wasting disease in the keystone predatory sea star Pisaster ochraceus

Other demagogues of doom promoting Fukushima hysteria.

Counter operatives trying to expose the lies and disinformation of the Fukushima Taliban.

Youtube Channel
This guy has been trying to get the word out on Dana Durnford and Kevin Blanch
and others in the Fukushima Taliban
from the first day Durnford put out his video.

This guy appears quite knowledgeable of disaster preparedness and radiation.
He did a coastline trip of the USA Pacific Coast taking radiation readings.

This guy put a humorous twist on Durnford's claims.
He has recorded phone calls he has made to different businesses
on the BC coast asking them if what Durnford says is true.
So far anyone he has called has not heard of what Dana is talking about
and they also think he's a few bricks short of a load to be making those claims.